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The 1841 Census

The 1841 census index has been produced, for this website, by the voluntary efforts of people from around the world. The index is designed to enable those researching their family history to quickly and easily search the 1841 Census for Sheffield. Access to the site is intended to be free and copyright is reserved by the site administrator.

This database contains the
original online index of the full Sheffield 1841 census which was first recorded on June 6th and 7th, 1841.  A complete list of the piece numbers and the areas they cover can be seen by selecting "What's Online" from the website menu. The index can be searched by a combination of piece number, folio, forename and surname and wildcard searches can be performed on the surname.

The information contained in the
1841 Census Index is as follows:
piece number, enumeration district, folio, registration district, address, forename, surname and age.

Further details such as occupation and whether born in county and who else was in the household can be provided by requesting a lookup on our message forum.

The transcriptions (over 138,000 records) were entered over a period of 23 weeks beginning at the end of 2004 and reaching completion on the 20th of May 2005.

All entries have been checked by someone other than the person who entered the transcription and we have tried to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible. Having said that, many of the census pages were very hard to read and there may be some entries that have been mis-transcribed. In most cases it should still be possible to identify who you are searching for using the appropriate search parameters.

Thank you to all the transcribers and checkers for their help with the 1841 Census index.


Elaine Pickard
Sheffield Indexers

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