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Sheffield Stories

Picture Sheffield Mysteries Solved
Find out how Picture Sheffield solved the mystery of two lads fishing in an archive photo "Mystery fisherman at Moss and Gamble's pond on Foxhill Road".  See how you can also help solve a mystery from Picture Sheffield photo library.

Yorkshire Film Archive
A diverse collection including documentaries, newsreels, advertising films, and home movies, capturing the rich moving image heritage over the past 120 years.

Old Sheffield As I Knew It - by Joseph Woolhouse
A description of the town of Sheffield written in 1832 at the time of the Cholera epidemic.  See also Cholera Monument & Grounds as well as Photos of the Monument.

Great Flood of Sheffield
Samuel Harrison's 'A Complete History of the Great Flood of Sheffield'

WWII People's War, Sheffield & South Yorkshire
An archive of World War II memories written by the public and gathered by the BBC. See also their gallery of photos collected for this category.

Wartime Memories Project
This excellent project is actively seeking recollections from the war years. If you lived through the war years and have a tale or two to tell, they would love to hear from you. Some of the areas of interest to the project: Fighter pilots, RAF instructors and ground crew, RAF Maintenance Units, Aircrew who made a landing at one of the designated emergency landing grounds, Coastal Command, Bomber Command, Evacuees, Wartime school children, WW2 Refugees from Europe, WAAF, ATS, WRENs, WVS, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers and so much more!

The Iron District of Staffordshire / Sheffield
The Condition of the Working-Class in England in 1844 (by Frederick Engels c. 1845).

Rhymes, Stories, Folk Tales, Ghost Stories, Legends, Games Etc
Collection of Rhymes, Ballads, Folk Tales, Ghost Stories, Legends and Games of Old Sheffield - Sheffield Indexers

Cherished Sheffield Family Memories
Ongoing effort to collect memorabilia giving insight into the way-of-life in Sheffield - Sheffield Indexers

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Newspaper Extracts (1800s)
Interesting newspaper extracts by Rotherham Web including; Mining Accidents, Inquests etc, Sudden Death, Murder etc., Other Reports, Sport, Sheffield, Doncaster, Swinton and Mexborough and The Weather.

Fork Making at Shiregreen (Article)
Sheffield has been renowned for the quality of its cutlery at least since the time of Chaucer.  The history of the origins of the fork is somewhat obscure - courtesy of Ann Halford

Illuminated Tram Car (Article)
Sheffield Independent - July 15 1905 - courtesy of Ann Halford

London News
The Illustrated London News magazine which was first printed in 1842 is the finest pictorial example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day.  See also their list of articles on Sheffield and an article on the Sheffield Flood of 1864.

Obituaries & Sheffield Newspapers          
More information and links to Sheffield Obituaries and Newspapers.

Editorials & General Interests                  << Back to Top >> 

Inclosure / Enclosure Awards
List of local enclosures including; Attercliffe & Darnall, Sheffield, Ecclesall, Brightside and Bradfield - courtesy of Ann Halford

Old Picture Post Cards
Collection of Old Picture Post Cards from Sheffield - Sheffield Indexers

Old Place Names, Sheffield
Probable Meanings of Old Place Names 
- courtesy of Ann Halford

Attercliffe Poor Relief Rate 1811
Sheffield Indexers list of Poor Relief Rate Assessment for the Township of Attercliffe cum Darnall 29th December 1811 - in progress.

Recipes of Olde Yorkshire
Sheffield indexers collection of links to favourite recipes old and new.

Yorkshire Expressions
Sheffield Indexers collection of links and expressions including Sheffield, Barnsley & more.


More Sheffield History                  << Back to Top >> 

Sheffield History
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to historical Sheffield including; Sheffield History, Laws & Acts, Living & Working Conditions, Historical Land & Buildings, Sheffield Flood and War Memories.

Sheffield & Surrounding Areas
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to helpful genealogy websites for Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Trades, Directories & Unions
Sheffield indexers collections of the links to workers trades, unions and Directories. 

Emigration, Immigration, Migration
Sheffield Indexers extensive list of links to websites for family members who may have Emigrated, Immigrated or Migrated. Includes many links to ships passenger lists, war brides, colonialism and more.

Yorkshire & Surrounding Counties
Sheffield Indexers collection of popular Historical and Genealogical links for Yorkshire and the surrounding counties of  Cheshire, Derbyshire, Durham, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Westmorland/Cumbria.

Genealogy Hunters
Sheffield Indexers collection of links to popular Popular Genealogy and Travel Information for Family History Researchers in the UK.

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