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Grenoside People extracted from the entries in 'An Old Ecclesfield Diary'

The Old Ecclesfield Diary is thought to have been kept (1775 – 1845) by Septimus Lister who was an inhabitant of Ecclesfield. It was edited and published in 1920 by Thomas Winder.

1784Thom. Wilson wife of Skew Hill died May 28th.

1791:  Old Samuel Stephenson of Skew Hill Nail Chapman Buried at Ecclesfield April 30th.

1792:  Oct 1st Jos. Wragg of Whitley & Sarah Beighton of Barnes Hall married.

1793:  Wm Lister of Birley Edge d. Jan. 2nd  [Birley Edge is in so bleak a situation that a local wit said he did not shave on a Sunday morning but went up to the base of the cross there and stuck first one side and then the other side of his face out, and the wind shore the whiskers clean as a whistle.]

1798: June 20th Mr Benjamin Micclethwaite of Grenoside died

1799:  4th July Grenoside Sick Club Stock £490.0.111/2d gained £23 18 21/2. Members 208

1801:  Isaac Housley of Grenoside & Lydia dau. of  Jos. & Ann Ulley married. Feb 23rd

1801:  Great George Lister of Birley Edge buried.April 24th.

1801:  Samuel Swinden of Creswick died Nov 3rd or 4th.

1802:  Ben. Greaves & Eliz. Johnson of Woodseats married. at Ecclesfield Feb 8th.

1802:  Ben. Eyre of Grenoside died after a short illness Feb 22nd aged about 87.

1802:  Samuel Housley of Grenoside & Richel Cauwood married. March 29th.

1802:  Old Jos. Smith of Cross House d. Jun 2nd. [This family remained at Cross house until 1912.]

1803:  George Booth Stone Mason of Grenoside & Jane James of Thorpe married. Jan 17th.

1803:  Barnard Housley & Ann Ward of Grenoside married. in Feb.

1803:  Old Jos. Housley of Grenoside died June 20th aged 83 & upwards.

1803:  Eliz. Wife of Ben. Greaves & dau. of Jos. Johnson of Woodseats died July 16th.

1804:  George Ellison Landlord of the Harrow Publick House Grenoside died May 14th.

1804:  Wm. Mitchel of Whitley died Jun.22nd aged 94 years.

1807:  Mrs. Wife of John Denton of Fox Hill d. Jan 31st or Feb 1st. [It was from the Dairy at Fox Hill that the pork pies were removed by a notarius Ecclesfielder with a long loading fork. The same well known neighbour also took the whole of the ducks another time and sent a message that unless they were kept fatter in future he’d be d------d if he’d bother to fetch them again.]

1808:  Fidler John Bower of Grenoside buried. April 13th.

1808:  Old Samuel Parkin of Workhouse died April 26th in the morning.

1808:  George Hawksworth Governor of the Workhouse died Aug 27th.

1808:  George Allott of Hole House buried Jul 3rd with Military Honours.

1809:  Joseph Cauwood of the Wheel buried June 10th.

1811:  Samuel Brooke of Grenoside. Woodman died suddenly Nov 3rd.

1815:  Old Beniah Bower of Grenoside died June 1st.

1816:  Thom. Ashton of Grenoside and Moira Moore of Charlton Brooke married Nov 11th.

1817:  James Garrott of Grenoside died July 3rd.

1817:  Wm. Royston of Grenoside buried July 25th.

1817:  John Charlesworth of Hole House buried Sept 21st.

1817:  Jos. Windle of Barnes died Oct 12th.

1818:  Valentine Turner kild by a flash of lightening at or near Worrall in the parish of Bradfield buried at Ecclesfield.

1818:  John Cauwood of Whitley & dau. Ann of Mr & Mrs Kirkby of Ecclesfield married  Aug 17th.

1819:  Jos. Wragg a member of Grenoside Sick Club Soc. died Jan 19th.

1819:  Sunday Morning about 3am Sept. 10th, Sam. Booth, Garrott, Ben. Bower and J.  Bower all 4 armed with guns was met upon Warncliffe Moor by Mr Wortley’s Stuards or Games Tenters Thom. Parkin & Jos. Parkin; Samuel Booth shot Thom. Parkin in the left side & Thom. Parkin fell to the ground The other 3 set to beating Jos. Parkin with the butt of a gun Thom. Died of his wounds soon after The Croner inquests Jury brought in there Verditis against S. Booth, Garrott and John & Ben. Bowers who was committed to York Castle to take there trials the Next Lent Assises for the County of York 1820.

1819:  Wm Taylor of Middleton Green had his house robbed in the daytime Oct. 28th.

1819:  Charlotte wife of Thom. Beet of Grenoside delivered of a son Dec 15th and they call his name Joseph

1820:  Sam. Booth of Grenoside Exicuted at York for shooting Thom. Parkin upon Wharncliffe Moor. Oct 9th 1819. Exicuted March 13th at York.

1820:  Grenoside Sick club Soc. Stock £488. 16.11. Lost this year £43 12 6.

1820:  Hannah Royston dau. of Charlotte wife of Thom. Beet of Grenoside died July15th aged 10yrs.

1820:  Thom. Loxley  of Creswick & Burieddekin of Town End married Oct 5th.

1821:  Wm. Turner of Grenoside died Jan 24th in his 55yr.

1821:  Thom. Wyke jnr. Of Grenoside buried Oct 21st.

1821:  Thomas Wyke Snr. Of Lane Head died Oct 22nd top of Grenoside.

1822:  Ed. Cleathero Jnr. Of Grenoside & Mary Jane Ashton dau. of Josiah Ashton of Grenoside married June.

1824:  Mr Jno Rider of Grenohouse 62yrs old died Jun 27th

[Courtesy of: Lyn Howsam]

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