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The Teachers' Orphanage & Orphan Fund

In 1887 Firs Hill Orphanage, Sheffield was situated on the road where Firs Hill School stands now hence the name Orphanage Rd.

'In 1887 through the energy and large heartedness of the Sheffield Teachers, a home for girls was opened in the city. The premises are only temporary and something will be heard shortly about fresh arrangements in connection with the Home. Mr G Champley the first chairman of the Sheffield House Committee has worked assiduously and so have many other Sheffield teachers too numerous to mention to befriend the orphaned children of their professional brethren.

Those who attended the last commemoration day at the Home will not have forgotten the happy and healthy appearance of the girls, or how excellently they performed their musical and scarf drill. Only those who have seen for themselves the home life of the children can realise the value of the training they receive, and no teacher should miss the opportunity of making a personal inspection of the Homes.

Ten girls have passed the examination for admission to the higher grade school Sheffield where they have obtained good reports. This year one of the girls Clara Hands has gained the Lancastrian scholarship of 10 per annum for three years, which will enable her to continue her studies beyond the usual term. Undoubtedly the children who receive the greatest benefit are those who enter the homes. There they are trained for the active duties of life and in the course of time become the support of families who may otherwise must have remained dependant on charity. Self-reliance and mutual help are habitually taught, and a generous diet coupled with well-directed exercise tends to that desirable end, a sound mind and a sound body. The age for admissions has been fixed at seven years and of leaving at fifteen. Modifications can be made in both directions where circumstances make it desirable.'

The New Orphan Homes

Premises have been purchased in Sheffield to replace the ones in Firs Hill the lease of which has nearly expired. Page Hall a well-built and substantial mansion with four acres of freehold land has been secured. It is beautifully situated on the same road a mile from the present home and will provide accommodation for between fifty and sixty girls a number it is sufficient, it is hoped, to meet all requirements for some years to come. The purchase money will entail an outlay of between 4.000 and 5.000. Arrangements are in progress to remove to the new house before winter.

This information has been generously provided by Lyn Howsam.

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